Danish State Visit to Croatia

Zagreb, 21 - 24 October 2014

INVITATION: Coverage of the Danish State Visit to Croatia 21-24.10.2014

Croatian press representatives

Croatian media representatives are kindly invited to cover the Danish State Visit to Croatia. It is the aim of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Denmark to ensure a composition which would represent the diversity of the Croatian media and include both visual and printed media organizations.

The application in a form of an email should be sent to the Royal Danish embassy in Zagreb tomgug@um.dk no later than 20th of October 2014. Please include a brief information about the media, number of persons applied, their names, functions and contact information as well as venues that would be covered. Press representatives are going to be divided into press pools from which they will be able to get good coverage of a certain event. Due to limitations in size of press pools at certain venues, organizers reserve the right to limit the number of persons applied. Each participating media representative should always have his/her press card ready to kindly show it to press engaged staff or security.

Please note that media representatives who apply for the Concluding press conference on 24th of October in Split will receive a separate press accreditation for that event.

For applications and more information about the press program (download link in the upper right corner), media representatives are invited to contact Tomislav Gugo, Public diplomacy and communication officer at the embassy of Denmark in Zagreb – tomgug@um.dk or 091 4924-545

State Visit to Croatia


The state visit to Croatia marks the strengthening of ties between Croatia and Denmark, which naturally follow Croatia’s accession to EU in July 2013. The state visit is especially an opportunity for deepening commercial and cultural relations between the two countries.

A business delegation and a cultural delegation will attend the Royal Couple’s visit to Croatia. The visit particularly focuses on the cooperation in areas as energy and environment, food, IT, health, architecture, film, children's theatre and archaeology. Croatia has a good reputation in Denmark primarily for its tourist sector and natural resources, but also for globally recognized achievements in world heritage preservation. On the other hand Denmark is recognized in Croatia for its green and sustainable solutions and for its advanced health sector and globally acknowledged cultural results.

During the visit to Croatia the Royal Couple will visit Danish companies in Croatia and participate in business, health and cultural events.

Furthermore a business forum between Danish and Croatian companies will take place, and HM the Queen will participate in the opening of a “Regional Diabetes Forum” about health economics. The Royal Couple will also participate in activities related to the Danish archaeologist Einar Dyggve who carried out extensive excavations of the historic city of Salona near Split. These visits highlight Denmark’s significant contribution to the preservation of the European cultural heritage.

This is the first state visit of the Royal Couple to the Republic of Croatia since independence in 1991. Croatia is now the biggest economy and the biggest Danish export market in the West Balkan area.